Hit Em! and the Rewards of Persistence

We’ve been astounded by how much Linda is using her iPad. Before the purchase we were very uncertain. How much use would an adult with Williams Syndrome, who has many learning disabilities, get out of such a technologically sophisticated gadget? Anyway, last autumn we bought the most basic iPad in the range and Linda blew us […]

The Singing Cat

Linda has been diagnosed with anxiety. Like many, maybe a majority of adults with Williams Syndrome, Linda expresses signs of a diagnosable psychiatric condition. Unlike many adults with learning disabilities who share such conditions, Linda has been diagnosed, is receiving treatment and is improving as a result. Linda’s anxiety often manifests as teasing, taunting or […]

Musical Streams of Consciousness

I’m sure you are well aware that adults with Williams Syndrome are reknowned for their love of music… goes with the condition, somehow it’s in the genes. Linda is no exception. She loves all types of music in many different formats and she particularly likes singing. Today was one of those moments when the contrasts […]

Was that Dog Boysterous?

Linda loves people. Doesn’t every Williams Syndrome adult? Linda also loves the idea of having a dog for a pet. Well, I guess she’d really love having the dog for a pet but wouldn’t really want to walk the dog, clean up after the dog, generally any of the work of caring for a dog… […]

When Similar Worlds Collide

We’ve reached a sad moment. A friend who has worked closely with us for the last 6 years is leaving to return home. While we understand why and know we will keep in touch, we recognise this is a major turning point and have been anticipating the loss for some time. Quite amazingly, Linda suggested […]

Financial Miracles Do Happen

I last wrote about Linda spending money, money that wasn’t hers, money not in her budget. However this really was a rarity. She knew she had a wicked window of opportunity with a new and very naive support worker and she took it! More typically, over the last few weeks Linda has been saving money, […]

That Bag Looked Bored!

We had a package arrive in the post this week. I collected it from the man who knocked at the door and, as I turned to come back into the hallway, took the small box out from the large plastic envelope. To protect it, the box had been placed in a sleeve or bag of […]

Communication Skills – Where Williams People Excel

The public face of Williams Syndrome is of hyper-sociable, cocktail-party people. Now if you are a parent or carer for a very youung Williams child, this might seem a little strange to you. Many parents often wonder whether their young children will ever learn to speak at all! The research – and there’s a lot […]

Sing For Water

If you know anything at all about Williams Syndrome you’ll probably have heard how Williams people are musically gifted. It’s probably more accurate to say that they are obssessed with music though it’s true that many are particularly gifted. Linda, a typical Williams Syndrome adult loves to sing. Her singing voice is as good as […]

Drink a Pint and a Half of Water…

Since getting her recent genetic diagnosis, a positive FISH test for Williams Syndrome, it’s been a busy few months for myself and Linda. We’ve been to so many hospital appointments, catching up on all the tests and scans that a child would have had over the years but which Linda never received during her youth. […]