The Singing Cat

Singing CatLinda has been diagnosed with anxiety.

Like many, maybe a majority of adults with Williams Syndrome, Linda expresses signs of a diagnosable psychiatric condition. Unlike many adults with learning disabilities who share such conditions, Linda has been diagnosed, is receiving treatment and is improving as a result.

Linda’s anxiety often manifests as teasing, taunting or abusive voices she hears, particularly at times when she is tired or stressed.

We’ve been working on ways for her to recognise and to manage her condition and over the last few months have noticed a distinct change in presentation.

Previously, the voices were predominantly the manifestation of an old schooltime bully Linda once endured.

More recently a singing cat has joined in and even taken over.

The cat, no name as yet, still taunts and teases, often sings. Judging by the reactions it elicits, the cat isn’t as offensive as previous versions of the voice though it’s not a pleasant companion.

Linda seems to know that, as a rule, cats don’t talk and that cats don’t sing. She has no difficulties arguing with this singing, talking cat.

Better a cat than a bully though!