Was that Dog Boysterous?

 Boisterous dogLinda loves people. Doesn’t every Williams Syndrome adult?

Linda also loves the idea of having a dog for a pet. Well, I guess she’d really love having the dog for a pet but wouldn’t really want to walk the dog, clean up after the dog, generally any of the work of caring for a dog… but she’d love the pet, honest sister!

We’ve been having this discussion on and off for the last two years with no resolution in sight when, a break appears in the cloud and a rainbow – in the form of a support worker with a dog that she is very happy to bring for Linda to walk!

So the support worker brings Belle and together the three head for a walk in the park.

Two hours later they return, Linda grinning from ear to ear with tales of their fun. “Belle jumped for me and licked me… I threw a ball and she chased it. She brought it right back to me. She was really boisterous!”… pause… furrowed brow… “Girlsterous I mean.” corrects Linda. “We had a great time!”

And I bet they did.

Now I’m not a linguist but I do know people with Williams Syndrome are reknowned for their creative use of language but this just takes the biscuit. Belle, an energetic female dog, surely must be girlsterous… I like it!