Sing For Water

Sing For Water

If you know anything at all about Williams Syndrome you’ll probably have heard how Williams people are musically gifted.

It’s probably more accurate to say that they are obssessed with music though it’s true that many are particularly gifted.

Linda, a typical Williams Syndrome adult loves to sing.

Her singing voice is as good as any – though maybe not star quality – apart from personality that accompanies the performance. She remembers tunes very quickly, sings them very confidently, picks up words with no effort at all and has a brilliant time performing enthusiastically. She usually melts the heart of any audience and loves the recognition and affection this brings.

Linda is a regular and very popular member of a local community choir and recently, joined the choir preparing for an important event – Sing For Water.

Fifty different community choirs across the UK learned the same seven songs in 4- or 5-part harmonies. They all came together in London for a mass performance in a “Sing For Water” concert to raise money for clean water and sanitation projects in Africa supported by the charity Water Aid.

And Linda was there, singing her heart out with the best of them.

If you’d like to see parts of the performance, go on, click and have a look! The two YouTube videos below will give you a taste of the fun we shared!

And how about this one!!

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