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Williams Syndrome Answers LeafletWe’ve put together this information leaflet that we’ve called “Williams Syndrome Answers”. It’s full of the things we wish someone had told us when Linda came to live us. Meg’s background is in molecular biology and she has a great gift for turning all the scientific “mumbo jumbo” into English that us ordinary people can understand. It starts with the FISH test picture on the front.

The FISH test is the defining test for Williams Syndrome, as you probably know.

We’d like to make the leaflet available to you – instantly downloadable, no charge. And as a special gift we’ll sign you up to a email newsletter, because we’d want to build a community of people caring for Williams Syndrome people around us – and around you.

The sections in the pamphlet are:

  • What is Williams Syndrome?
  • Williams Syndrome – a genetic condition – a chromosomal deletion?!! What??
  • What Are The Implications For The Life And Health Of The Person Affected?
  • How can we help them?
  • How does this affect our family?
  • What can we expect in the future?
  • What Else Would You Like To Know?

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Pile of Living with Linda NewslettersWe’ve called the Newsletter “Living With Linda”. In it we share some of our life caring for her, some of the the things we’ve learned about her and about Williams Syndrome generally. and finally we share some stuff that we like to share – a good quotation, a funy story, some inspiration. We hope you enjoy reading it and that you share some of your life too.

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