Hit Em! and the Rewards of Persistence

We’ve been astounded by how much Linda is using her iPad. Before the purchase we were very uncertain. How much use would an adult with Williams Syndrome, who has many learning disabilities, get out of such a technologically sophisticated gadget?

Anyway, last autumn we bought the most basic iPad in the range and Linda blew us away with how she used it. Playing simple games and watching videos, viewing family photographs. We were impressed.

Then she started watching YouTube videos, learning to search for her favourite rock and pop groups. She started searching, Google and Wikipedia.

She made serious advances as Christmas approached and very patiently scoured the Internet for gifts on her Christmas wish list!

Her technique leaves much to be desired but her persistence and creativity overcomes all obstacles. She doesn’t always seem to know what she wants but curiosity wins out as she slowly but surely gains new skills.

The whole experience has been seriously good for her. Her hand-eye coordination has improved immeasurably. She has no concept of physics but can calculate the angles in Angry Birds as well as anyone! As I sit here and type she squeals “Weeee! Hit em!!” and squashes another batch of those pigs with an angry bird. She is even sending basic emails and more importantly can receive emails bearing gifts of pictures her beloved nieces… What a way to keep in touch!

Linda wast recently rewarded with an upgraded iPad, more space, more apps, more Star Trek – not that she noticed but I certainly don’t have to keep swapping video content on and off the device!