Financial Miracles Do Happen

Saving in a Piggy BankI last wrote about Linda spending money, money that wasn’t hers, money not in her budget.

However this really was a rarity. She knew she had a wicked window of opportunity with a new and very naive support worker and she took it!

More typically, over the last few weeks Linda has been saving money, not in large quantities but consistently. Now, as the weekend approaches she has a target in sight. She has seen “Eric the Penguin” and wants to buy.

This is the first time that I’ve really seen her committed to saving for an object of desire. She had the idea of saving for a xylophone last year but never really “got” the idea of saving for it. At other times she has used money gifted to her for birthdays or Christmas.

When Eric arrives, he will be all her own work and she can be justifiably proud.

It’s taken about 18 months to get to this stage. I expect there will be many slips in the future but this is evidence, real evidence of growth.

Go Linda!!