Communication Skills – Where Williams People Excel

The public face of Williams Syndrome is of hyper-sociable, cocktail-party people. Now if you are a parent or carer for a very youung Williams child, this might seem a little strange to you. Many parents often wonder whether their young children will ever learn to speak at all! The research – and there’s a lot […]

A Worthy Prize for a Williams Syndrome Adult?

For most of her life, Linda has never handled money. As an adult with Williams Syndrome she was, typically, very poor with any numerical concepts. Counting up in ones was about the limit of her skills. When it came to money, every item in the world could be bought with a one pound coin or […]

Musical Easter

We’ve just celebrated Easter and Linda has, once more demonstrated the musical gifts that accompany Williams Syndrome. As part of the many church services there’s an abundance of new music – and Linda will not be left out. She can’t read music but can recall a tune pretty much after a single hearing. When it […]

Incontinence Assessment

We’ve been aware that Linda seems to be thirsty, drinking plenty of liquids and also goes to the toilet frequently… so much so that we asked the GP to check her out for diabetes. That’s a quick dipstick test in a sample of urine – tricky to get the urine, simple to do the test! […]

Lighting the Blue Touchpaper

How do they do it??? How do they always seem to know just how to get under your skin, to find the spot, to light the blue touchpaper and set off the fireworks? Oh I know it’s not personal and it’s not that bad really but just sometimes it feels like it! Today we had […]

Wonderful Williams Syndrome Words

Tonight we were doing the washing up and Linda was watching birds in the garden as she wiped a glass with the tea towel. And there it was again. Another example of that wonderful turn of phrase that Williams Syndrome adults are so reknowned for… as she exclaimed: “Well stone me, with a feather!”. I’m […]

Sister, Can I Have a Tablet?

Living with Linda full time means you get to really see how common things are on a day by day basis. One phrase that comes up again and again is: “Sister, can I have a tablet?” Linda is asking for medication, paracetamol usually, for… well sometimes it’s a headache, sometimes tummy pain, sometimes joint pains. […]

Williams Syndrome Symptoms

If you’re searching for this information the chances are that you know someone who has, or may have Williams Syndrome. My sister was only diagnosed in her 40s. My parents struggled to understand what was happening with their child…  I hope most people are now diagnosed as children and have much better support from various […]

Anxiety Symptoms Return

When you start reading about details of Williams Syndrome symptoms in adults, you begin to pick up that anxiety is one of the more common symptoms shown by many adults. Anxiety – doesn’t sound too disturbing does it? Maybe a little nervousness, maybe some uncertainty in difficult situations? I admit I wasn’t too worried to […]

At A Funeral

Funerals are often tough times for many people. It might be different but not necessarily easier for a Williams Syndrome adult. We have recently and unexpectedly lost an ageing auntie. We know she’d had a long life, we know it was a blessed release and we’re still going to miss her a lot! The funeral […]