Musical Streams of Consciousness

Music words mosaicI’m sure you are well aware that adults with Williams Syndrome are reknowned for their love of music… goes with the condition, somehow it’s in the genes.

Linda is no exception. She loves all types of music in many different formats and she particularly likes singing.

Today was one of those moments when the contrasts in her musical taste were evident.

Linda was … well, she was behind the bathroom door and was singing contentedly to herself.

Over the course of a few minutes I heard “Hit me with your rythm stick, hit me! Hit me!”… the lyrics of a song of the same name by the late Ian Drury. We’d been talking about this at the weekend so I guess it had been moved closer to Linda’s conscious awareness.

After the first verse and chorus there was a pause, just a few moments of silence then “Da da da-ra dant dant da dum de di dum de di dum…!” as Linda proclaimed the Mendelssohn Wedding march and, I guess in her mind she made her way down the aisle a few times.

After a further very brief pause the words “How great Thou art, how great Thou art…” as she sang the chorus of “Oh Lord my God, when I in awsome wonder…”

Within minutes Linda emerged and came to join me. She seemed to have no recollection of what she had been singing or why. She was just being, in that moment and the moment had passed.

Guess I should be glad that the world doesn’t have a window onto my own fleeting and random thoughts!