Linda’s Prowess at Ten Pin Bowling on the Nintendo Wii

We bought Linda a a while back. Williams Syndrome is often described as a condition presenting many mountains and valleys in terms of the performance or abilities of affected individuals. Many people affected are apparently able or talented verbally and yet limited in other abilities. One of these contrasting deficits is in motor control and […]

The Vital Space

I was aware of Linda sitting in her chair, searching the internet on her iPad. Despite being an adult with learning difficulties due to Williams Syndrome, she is also stubbornly independent and rarely asks for help. I had no idea what she was looking for on this occasion but to occupy her for this length […]

A Power Nap With Pzizz

Linda is an adult with Williams Syndrome. In her mid 40s she’s showing one of the real signs of this condition – fatigue. She goes out during the day. She’s not employed but, supported by a series of personal assistants, she engages in a range of activities that most of us would call leisure and […]

Stacking My New Tumble Dryer

Just over two years ago I moved house. The kitchen was already fitted, there was a utility room, but there was only space for one washing machine, no dishwasher, no tumble dryer. I could have got the builders in to make changes but instead I decided upon a technological solution and bought a combined washer-dryer. […]

Mum, They Won The Grand Slam

What a weekend! It was the culmination of the Six Nations rugby tournament and we have been watching with great interest over the last 2 months. Rugby is the national game of Wales. I love rugby. Linda loves rugby – and even as an adult with Williams Syndrome she is surprisingly knowledgeable and definitely gets […]

Oh What a Beautiful Morning!

There are real trials and tribulations living with and caring for an adult with Williams Syndrome. Of course, I’d known and loved my sister for over 40 years. We grew up together until I left home to go to university at 18. I knew what Linda was like but until she finally moved in to […]

Hit Em! and the Rewards of Persistence

We’ve been astounded by how much Linda is using her iPad. Before the purchase we were very uncertain. How much use would an adult with Williams Syndrome, who has many learning disabilities, get out of such a technologically sophisticated gadget? Anyway, last autumn we bought the most basic iPad in the range and Linda blew us […]

The Singing Cat

Linda has been diagnosed with anxiety. Like many, maybe a majority of adults with Williams Syndrome, Linda expresses signs of a diagnosable psychiatric condition. Unlike many adults with learning disabilities who share such conditions, Linda has been diagnosed, is receiving treatment and is improving as a result. Linda’s anxiety often manifests as teasing, taunting or […]

Musical Streams of Consciousness

I’m sure you are well aware that adults with Williams Syndrome are reknowned for their love of music… goes with the condition, somehow it’s in the genes. Linda is no exception. She loves all types of music in many different formats and she particularly likes singing. Today was one of those moments when the contrasts […]

Was that Dog Boysterous?

Linda loves people. Doesn’t every Williams Syndrome adult? Linda also loves the idea of having a dog for a pet. Well, I guess she’d really love having the dog for a pet but wouldn’t really want to walk the dog, clean up after the dog, generally any of the work of caring for a dog… […]