That Bag Looked Bored!

Bubble wrap playWe had a package arrive in the post this week. I collected it from the man who knocked at the door and, as I turned to come back into the hallway, took the small box out from the large plastic envelope. To protect it, the box had been placed in a sleeve or bag of “bubble-wrap”. (I hope that translates).

Being much more interested in the contents of the box I distractedly rolled up the bubble wrap and placed it onto the nearest surface – which happened to be the radiator in the hallway. (The heating wasn’t turned on so don’t panic!).

As the small roll of bubble wrap nestled down into the groove by the wall I totally forgot about it until, later Linda came into the living room with the bubble wrap in her hand.

“Where did you get that?” I asked as it seemed so incongruous.

“From the radiator.” came the reply, “It looked bored with no one to play with.”

Linda then sat down and started “popping the bubbles”, contentedly whistling to herself.

I don’t think for one minute that this pleasure is restricted to adults with Williams Syndrome… the description of the bag being bored was an interesting one though.

That bag’s not bored now…