When Similar Worlds Collide

We’ve reached a sad moment. A friend who has worked closely with us for the last 6 years is leaving to return home. While we understand why and know we will keep in touch, we recognise this is a major turning point and have been anticipating the loss for some time. Quite amazingly, Linda suggested […]

Financial Miracles Do Happen

I last wrote about Linda spending money, money that wasn’t hers, money not in her budget. However this really was a rarity. She knew she had a wicked window of opportunity with a new and very naive support worker and she took it! More typically, over the last few weeks Linda has been saving money, […]

That Bag Looked Bored!

We had a package arrive in the post this week. I collected it from the man who knocked at the door and, as I turned to come back into the hallway, took the small box out from the large plastic envelope. To protect it, the box had been placed in a sleeve or bag of […]

Sing For Water

If you know anything at all about Williams Syndrome you’ll probably have heard how Williams people are musically gifted. It’s probably more accurate to say that they are obssessed with music though it’s true that many are particularly gifted. Linda, a typical Williams Syndrome adult loves to sing. Her singing voice is as good as […]

Drink a Pint and a Half of Water…

Since getting her recent genetic diagnosis, a positive FISH test for Williams Syndrome, it’s been a busy few months for myself and Linda. We’ve been to so many hospital appointments, catching up on all the tests and scans that a child would have had over the years but which Linda never received during her youth. […]

Piggy in the Middle

It’s been a tough weekend. I can’t say quite why but emotions have been high and tempers fraying. Linda, a Williams Syndrome adult, has been pushing at boundaries all round and collecting leaflets with a vengeance. I know this sounds trivial but believe me, pausing at every doorway to collect more paper gets to be […]

Black Swan Story

Linda was visiting a local park with a care worker today. Together they strolled through the gardens and around the lake watching the wildlife as they went. Linda’s bookshelves are groaning under then weight of nature books, particularly many different bird identification books, certainly numbering in double figures. This might be an interesting fact and […]

An Independent Life for A Learning Disabled Adult

Very few Williams Syndrome adults live independently. Research and longer term studies show a majority spend most or all of their adult lives being supported to various degrees by their families. Linda is no exception. But, as I need to go out and earn some money, during the week we are really fortunate to have […]

Sister, Will You Be Devastated?

Linda shows the typical paradox of many Williams Syndrome adults: she knows everyone and has friends on every corner and yet she has no one who really calls her friend. I’ve struggled with this and would love to see her develop a friendship, to want to visit or go visit with someone, to have a […]

My Williams Syndrome Adult Can Count!

Linda, like many adults with Williams Syndrome struggled and still struggles with numbers. Yes she can count but does she understand what those numbers mean. Any reading of a list of symptoms for Williams Syndome include poor numeracy skills but what does this mean for real people? If she works really hard Linda can tell […]