The Vital Space

joan armatradingI was aware of Linda sitting in her chair, searching the internet on her iPad.

Despite being an adult with learning difficulties due to Williams Syndrome, she is also stubbornly independent and rarely asks for help.

I had no idea what she was looking for on this occasion but to occupy her for this length of time it must be important. My gentle inquiries were met with “Nothing!” so I let her continue for maybe 30 minutes…

I made an excuse to visit the bookcase behind her chair and glanced down at her work.

There in a Google search-box was the following:

It took a few seconds for me to decipher this and I smiled…

I asked if I might add a few spaces to make it easier to read and Google had no difficulty presenting her with an answer! October…

wen is joan armatrading comin to cardiff

Booked by big sister. (I draw the line at giving Linda access to a credit card!!! Can you imagine all the sunglasses that would arrive?!)