Oh What a Beautiful Morning!

There are real trials and tribulations living with and caring for an adult with Williams Syndrome. Of course, I’d known and loved my sister for over 40 years. We grew up together until I left home to go to university at 18. I knew what Linda was like but until she finally moved in to […]

Financial Miracles Do Happen

I last wrote about Linda spending money, money that wasn’t hers, money not in her budget. However this really was a rarity. She knew she had a wicked window of opportunity with a new and very naive support worker and she took it! More typically, over the last few weeks Linda has been saving money, […]

My Williams Syndrome Adult Can Count!

Linda, like many adults with Williams Syndrome struggled and still struggles with numbers. Yes she can count but does she understand what those numbers mean. Any reading of a list of symptoms for Williams Syndome include poor numeracy skills but what does this mean for real people? If she works really hard Linda can tell […]

How to Earn a Quick Buck!

In the post yesterday I was dreading the fact that Linda didn’t have enough money to buy her newspaper today… We had several goes at “Sister, can I ask you a question?” followed by “Oh, no. Sorry, I haven’t got enough money to buy a paper.”. We passed the newsagent as we went out and […]

All Out of Money

Following the Buried Under Paper episode, I’ve just realised that I’m facing an even bigger crisis tomorrow. We give Linda enough money each week to buy her agreed newspapers and magazines, to pay for various classes or events and to buy a drink  and a snack as needed each day with a little left over […]

That Worthy Prize or An Immediate Reward?

Update – 24 hours later: Ah… Much as a multicoloured xylophone is extremely desirable to a musically-minded adult with Williams Syndrome, we haven’t yet mastered delayed gratification. Linda’s concept of the world is one of infinite abundance and to observe her behaviour, she definitely believes she can have her cake and eat it. And why […]

A Worthy Prize for a Williams Syndrome Adult?

For most of her life, Linda has never handled money. As an adult with Williams Syndrome she was, typically, very poor with any numerical concepts. Counting up in ones was about the limit of her skills. When it came to money, every item in the world could be bought with a one pound coin or […]

Samsung Monte in the Bag!

After several days of intensive online browsing, Linda has finally decided on what phone to buy. The final purchase was a pink Samsung Monte. I’ve got beyond wondering whether it’s a downgrade or even value for money. It is bringing great pleasure and, when you’re spending your own, hard earned money, I guess we all […]

Who decides how to spend their money?

The best of times or is it the worst of times… How many hours is it since I was celebrating Linda’s first paycheck? As a Williams Syndrome adult, payment for work is certainly an unexpected bonus but I’d totally failed to anticipate the consequences. Yes, she was pleased and proud. She was certainly the proud […]