Samsung Monte in the Bag!

Pink Samsung MonteAfter several days of intensive online browsing, Linda has finally decided on what phone to buy.

The final purchase was a pink Samsung Monte.

I’ve got beyond wondering whether it’s a downgrade or even value for money. It is bringing great pleasure and, when you’re spending your own, hard earned money, I guess we all have every right to enjoy that pleasure.

As a Williams Syndrome adult, it is rare for Linda to have her own money in abdundance. Adults with Williams Syndrome, in common with many people with learning disabilities, rarely live independently and need particular support in managing their money.

As a carer, and of course as her sister, I do have a duty of care. I guess, just as I would try to stop her feasting on junk food but would and do allow the occasional treat, so when it comes to managing money I need to prevent harm and maybe even encourage responsible pleasure…

Job done. Linda has a pink Samsung Monte and her pleasure is evident to all who meet her!