How to Earn a Quick Buck!

In the post yesterday I was dreading the fact that Linda didn’t have enough money to buy her newspaper today…

We had several goes at “Sister, can I ask you a question?” followed by “Oh, no. Sorry, I haven’t got enough money to buy a paper.”.

We passed the newsagent as we went out and she tried gently and gracefully once more… and when I asked where her money had gone she sorrowfully admitted “Oh yeh. I bought those papers last week”.

I was being strong. She seemed to be learning the lesson.

Mid-afternoon my nerves could take the guilt no longer. I invited her to bring down her washing and to help do the laundry in exchange for a newspaper.

Not sure I remember her ever moving so quickly!

I hope the lesson is remembered for a little longer than the newspaper lasts.

And so another week begins…