That Worthy Prize or An Immediate Reward?

Update – 24 hours later: Ah…

Much as a multicoloured xylophone is extremely desirable to a musically-minded adult with Williams Syndrome, we haven’t yet mastered delayed gratification.

Linda’s concept of the world is one of infinite abundance and to observe her behaviour, she definitely believes she can have her cake and eat it. And why wait when you can enjoy it today and tomorrow?!

So after saving her pocket money for an expensive xylophone for just one day, the desire for the xylophone of her dreams not one jot weaker, Linda chooses to spend her money on a plastic eagle and an owl kite.

Yes, we had the long conversation about money, about either-or, about choosing… and Linda has chosen to spend and save.

I suspect she believes that The Universe (maybe through the medium of her big sister, but maybe not) will  somehow provide.

I wonder how it will happen…