So why won’t she walk on the gravel?

When we moved house, we knew there might be a bit of a problem parking cars… the driveway is long and thin and runs alongside the house and a long thin flowerbed. We end up parking the cars one behind another and there’s only a few inches of the concrete driveway free to  walk on […]

Williams Syndrome and Maths exams

Did you enjoy taking your maths exams? Linda struggled at school, in most, if not all subjects so far as I can remember and particularly with “doing her sums”. When Linda moved in after Dad’s death we discussed what activities she was interested in and I was surprised when she said she’d like to improve […]

Listening in to a Williams Syndrome Adult

One endearing feature of many Williams people is their fairly constant self-talk. Yes, they do have the gift to speak freely to friends and strangers in casual conversation and, when not socialising seem to continue a conversation with themselves. Just how or why that Williams Syndrome genetic deletion determines that Linda talks to herself is […]

Headless Chinese?

I met Linda in town yesterday afternoon. She and her carer had been visiting the museum while I went to work for the morning. Like many people with Williams Syndrome, Linda has certain interests that are consuming, bordering on obsessions.

Yet Another Long Wash-Day

One of the new- fangled space saving devices we bought when we moved onto our new house was a combined washer-tumble dryer. There wasn’t space to fit two machines and this all-in-one machine seemed like a really practical solution but that was before we realised what it was like living with a Williams Syndrome adult. […]