Headless Chinese?

Head Of BuddhaI met Linda in town yesterday afternoon. She and her carer had been visiting the museum while I went to work for the morning. Like many people with Williams Syndrome, Linda has certain interests that are consuming, bordering on obsessions. For Linda the gemstones gallery at the museum comes close to this. She loves looking at the crystals and mineral formations. But when she looks, she sees things that you and I might miss or consider inconsequential.

People with Williams Syndrome are known for being able to see the detail but sometimes missing the bigger  picture completely.  I guess it might be something to do with poor spatial orientation abilities that are also often evident.

Today they also visited a new exhibition of Chinese sculptures ranging from 1000 to 600 years old, never before seen outside China. Linda, like many Williams people, sometimes has an interesting perspective on life so I asked: “What did you think of it?”.

The answer: “They didn’t have heads.” (apparently) End of discussion.

Guess I’ll have to visit for myself to make sure!