Yet Another Long Wash-Day

One of the new- fangled space saving devices we bought when we moved onto our new house was a combined washer-tumble dryer. There wasn’t space to fit two machines and this all-in-one machine seemed like a really practical solution but that was before we realised what it was like living with a Williams Syndrome adult.

The bottom line is that Linda needs to use the toilet more often than anyone else I know. Not only more often but with a greater sense of urgency too! I don’t think she consciously leaves it too late. I don’t even think she gets distracted or absorbed in other activities. It’s as if she hardly knows she needs to go until she gets up – and that’s too late! At the moment we’re soiling several pairs of trousers a day. Linda hates this and gets very frustrated.

I don’t remember Linda having particular issues around toileting as a child – is this a symptom of Williams Syndrome along with the gappy teeth and upturned nose? I don’t know. Maybe my memory wasn’t so good or perhaps the anxiety of dealing with Dad’s death and moving house is having an effect. Maybe this is one of the manifestations of that elastin gene deletion that is central to the Williams Syndrome genetic deficiency. Elastin is in smooth muscle such as the bladder I think – does anyone else have further information on this?
Is incontinence an expected issue?

Anyway, I’m not exactly pleased with all the washing it generates though I try very hard not to make Linda feel worse about something that she seems to have little control of. Practically it also means we have a lot more washing and drying to do than ever before and, especially in winter have to complete both the washing and drying cycle before we can put on a second load. In these circumstances our combined washer-dryer doesn’t seem like such a good idea any more.

Oh the gift of hindsight!!