So why won’t she walk on the gravel?

When we moved house, we knew there might be a bit of a problem parking cars… the driveway is long and thin and runs alongside the house and a long thin flowerbed.

We end up parking the cars one behind another and there’s only a few inches of the concrete driveway free to  walk on as you make your way from the front door to the gate.

The first thing I did after moving in was to get a spade, dig up the flowerbed and the strip of lawn that ran between the concrete driveway and the house, put down weed suppressing membrane and cover it with gravel.

We now have a gravel pathway instead of a flowerbed to walk on.

Well, that is, everyone except Linda does. Why won’t she walk on the gravel?

Williams Syndrome adults are reknowned for poor balance and co-ordination – I see her struggling, hugging the side of the car as she clumsily side-steps her way down the concrete, determined to avoid walking on the gravel.

Come to think of it, she’s no better on grass or sand or… well anything that’s not as solid and flat as a concrete path causes problems. Add a little bit of frost or ice and the problems are even greater.

Now which of those 20 deleted genes on chromosome 7 causes this particular symptom?! Or is this just down to Linda??