Linda’s Anxiety Symptoms and our Solutions – a work in progress

As regular readers of Living with Linda will know, Linda came to live with us (Meg and Beth) when her Dad (and Meg’s) died very suddenly. Losing her father so suddenly, being uprooted from her home, her other siblings, nieces and nephews, and a growing number of great-nieces and great-nephews would have been traumatic enough […]

Anxiety Symptoms Return

When you start reading about details of Williams Syndrome symptoms in adults, you begin to pick up that anxiety is one of the more common symptoms shown by many adults. Anxiety – doesn’t sound too disturbing does it? Maybe a little nervousness, maybe some uncertainty in difficult situations? I admit I wasn’t too worried to […]

Samsung Monte in the Bag!

After several days of intensive online browsing, Linda has finally decided on what phone to buy. The final purchase was a pink Samsung Monte. I’ve got beyond wondering whether it’s a downgrade or even value for money. It is bringing great pleasure and, when you’re spending your own, hard earned money, I guess we all […]

Yet Another Long Wash-Day

One of the new- fangled space saving devices we bought when we moved onto our new house was a combined washer-tumble dryer. There wasn’t space to fit two machines and this all-in-one machine seemed like a really practical solution but that was before we realised what it was like living with a Williams Syndrome adult. […]

Williams Syndrome Turning 40?

Funny things started to happen to me soon after I turned 40, big life-changing things. I began to consider changing careers. I started to develop entrepreneurial ideas for the first time in my life! I bought a sailing dinghy. Did my friends think I was having a mid-life crisis or a revival? My mum got […]