A Power Nap With Pzizz

Linda is an adult with Williams Syndrome. In her mid 40s she’s showing one of the real signs of this condition – fatigue. She goes out during the day. She’s not employed but, supported by a series of personal assistants, she engages in a range of activities that most of us would call leisure and […]

The Lizard Whisperer

People with Williams Syndrome are often drawn to subjects, almost obsessively. Sometimes the subjects are inanimate, often mechanical – fans, planes, radios. Other times they are very animate, people (of course), animals and young/babies are often a particular source of fascination. Linda loves animals and has books and books and books about them. She’s usually […]

Un, deux, trois!

I’ve written before about the love of language shown by Linda, typical of so many people with Williams Syndrome. Not only does Linda have a wide vocabulary, she loves using unusual words. So how will she fare in a different country with a new language? We’re on holiday in France. For the most part our […]

It’s So Difficult Letting Them Learn!

We all know that children or even adults with disabilities learn things by doing things. Linda has been going to cookery classes for a few weeks now and turning out some delicious dishes! My problem here, and yes, this is all mine, is letting her get on with learning how to do this. When you […]

Euro FIFA and the Queen’s coronation of course!

If you’ve ever spent any time with someone who has Williams Syndrome you’ll probably recognise that one of the symptoms of Williams Syndrome is, talking to yourself. Well Linda doesn’t always talk to herself but she does talk with someone who’s not exactly in the room. You can imagine the intrigue when she proudly announces […]

Anxiety Symptoms Return

When you start reading about details of Williams Syndrome symptoms in adults, you begin to pick up that anxiety is one of the more common symptoms shown by many adults. Anxiety – doesn’t sound too disturbing does it? Maybe a little nervousness, maybe some uncertainty in difficult situations? I admit I wasn’t too worried to […]

Listening in to a Williams Syndrome Adult

One endearing feature of many Williams people is their fairly constant self-talk. Yes, they do have the gift to speak freely to friends and strangers in casual conversation and, when not socialising seem to continue a conversation with themselves. Just how or why that Williams Syndrome genetic deletion determines that Linda talks to herself is […]