Euro FIFA and the Queen’s coronation of course!

If you’ve ever spent any time with someone who has Williams Syndrome you’ll probably recognise that one of the symptoms of Williams Syndrome is, talking to yourself. Well Linda doesn’t always talk to herself but she does talk with someone who’s not exactly in the room.

Queen's coronationYou can imagine the intrigue when she proudly announces in a triumphant voice “Euro FIFA and the Queen’s coronation of course!”

My experience of different Williams Syndrome Adults is that they each have their own private world with a sort of consistent internal logic, even if it is a bit obscure to bystanders. However, this was too much for me to remain silent. She exclaimed in triumph “Euro FIFA and the Queen’s coronation of course!”

What on earth could be the connection between these two very different events?

It took several minutes of dialogue before it occurred to Linda that it was possible that I really didn’t know the answer… She finally took pity on me… “That piece of music that the boats go out to of course.”

It turns out that Zadok the Priest, a piece of music used in advertisments for P&O Cruises, was also used for Euro Fifa and the Queen’s Coronation.

Of course!