It’s So Difficult Letting Them Learn!

We all know that children or even adults with disabilities learn things by doing things.

Linda has been going to cookery classes for a few weeks now and turning out some delicious dishes!

My problem here, and yes, this is all mine, is letting her get on with learning how to do this.

When you are so used to doing things yourself, let alone doing things for someone else, I find it so difficult to step back and let her learn, show a greater level of independence as she gains new skills.

Simple things like getting all the items on a shopping list. The co-ordination needed to weigh out ingredients… not to mention the patience as it takes 10 times as long and leaves heaps more mess to be cleaned up!

Chocolate truffles made by LindaLinda's Apple Pie

Mind you, the final products have been delicious every time!