Lighting the Blue Touchpaper

How do they do it??? How do they always seem to know just how to get under your skin, to find the spot, to light the blue touchpaper and set off the fireworks? Oh I know it’s not personal and it’s not that bad really but just sometimes it feels like it! Today we had […]

Linda – In Her Own Words

Tonight I (Meg) asked Linda if she would like to say anything to the world on her blog and she took over the keyboard: i am a lovely girl i would like a new bible and a new dinasaw if i had the money to buy them. So there you have it, Linda, at this […]

Headless Chinese?

I met Linda in town yesterday afternoon. She and her carer had been visiting the museum while I went to work for the morning. Like many people with Williams Syndrome, Linda has certain interests that are consuming, bordering on obsessions.