Linda – In Her Own Words

Tonight I (Meg) asked Linda if she would like to say anything to the world on her blog and she took over the keyboard:

i am a lovely girl

i would like a new bible and a new dinasaw if i had the money to buy them.

So there you have it, Linda, at this moment in time, in her own words…

This is so typical. She is seen here as the simple center of her own world. She doesn’t mean to show off or be selfish. This is just reality!

There’s little that Linda loves doing more than spending money. Left to her own devices she would spend every coin in her purse at the earliest opportunity. For the last year we”ve been encouraging Linda to think about, learn about saving money and we’re making slow progress.

She had saved enough to buy the bible – so it was bought. The dinosaur (dinasaw) is still on the list  and I did ask Linda to draw what she had in mind…

Linda doesn’t often draw but again, her iPad is making so many things more appealing as she uses various tools to draw shapes and colors. Perhaps more importantly, she knows she can undo any unpleasing results with the touch of a button…

So here it is, Linda’s dinasaw:Linda's dinosaur drawing

Now we’re very proud of this sketch. Anyone who knows Williams Syndrome people will know they are not natural artists.  We’ll keep you posted when she makes the purchase!