The Vital Space

I was aware of Linda sitting in her chair, searching the internet on her iPad. Despite being an adult with learning difficulties due to Williams Syndrome, she is also stubbornly independent and rarely asks for help. I had no idea what she was looking for on this occasion but to occupy her for this length […]

A Power Nap With Pzizz

Linda is an adult with Williams Syndrome. In her mid 40s she’s showing one of the real signs of this condition – fatigue. She goes out during the day. She’s not employed but, supported by a series of personal assistants, she engages in a range of activities that most of us would call leisure and […]

Is the iPad a Good Buy For a Special Needs Adult?

We bought Linda an iPad for Christmas. She is an adult with special needs, Williams Syndrome to be exact. She can read and write but has  poor coordination. Her visuo-spatial awareness is very poor, again typical of Williams Syndrome symptoms. She had used a laptop but couldn’t quite get to grips with the mouse and […]

Sunglasses galore!

Linda is going on holiday. For a few days she is going to visit her brother and she is so looking forward to this. Adults with Williams Syndrome are known for being very friendly and this seems to be even more exaggerated when the focus is family. As this is a holiday where we hope […]

Angry Birds

Linda, loves music, she loves dancing, she loves babies, she loves aeroplanes… These things, although an eclectic collection of passions, are probably familiar to many people who know someone with Williams Syndrome. Never has Linda been particularly interested in computer games, until now. I guess she is used to seeing me come home, sit on […]