Sunglasses galore!

sun glassesLinda is going on holiday.

For a few days she is going to visit her brother and she is so looking forward to this.

Adults with Williams Syndrome are known for being very friendly and this seems to be even more exaggerated when the focus is family.

As this is a holiday where we hope the sun will shine Linda is going to indulge her favourite passion –

Stylish Sunglasses!

OK, I suspect chocolate comes higher on her list of immediate pleasures but Linda and sunglasses is like Imelda Marcos and shoes – in her opinion, a woman can never have enough!

For me there are problems though.

Linda likes style – and that’s “the style” promoted in all the glossy magazines and TV advertisements she collects. Linda has little idea of what looks good for her – and the vast majority of stylish designer sunglasses are not made in a size for her small Williams-sized head.

She, like most people with Williams Syndrome is smaller than an adult yet larger than a child.

This doesn’t deter her from wanting to buy the designer desirables – and practicality just doesn’t come on her agenda. No matter whether they fit, are fragile, will break… she wants them, and them, and them.

Her sunglasses get worn, then stuffed ungraciously into her jeans pocket alongside a mobile phone, a bunch of keys, a handful of tissues, a small screwdriver, a tiny pack of playing cards… her pockets are like a cross between a car boot sale and Dr Who’s Tardis – bigger on the inside than they appear on the outside.

The contents though get scratched, bent and broken with great regularity.

And me, do I mind? Actually I do, a lot. I’ve said it before and no doubt will say it again, it’s tough watching someone make what I think are bad decisions whether it’s poor taste, poor value, unpractical… and with sunglasses, Linda can tick all the boxes. And still she wants more. Even when I know I’m right, it hurts me to keep on saying no.

I will encourage her to take her iPad on holiday… that is one posession she really does use lots and can’t fit into her jeans pocket!

This is one purchase that I’ve not regretted, although I worried about spending so much money – would it last or be another fad? I’m glad I was brave. The iPad has proved to be addictive and has provided hours of fun – learning through play.

Her current favorite is Leap Sheep – have you had a go yet?!