Stacking My New Tumble Dryer

Just over two years ago I moved house. The kitchen was already fitted, there was a utility room, but there was only space for one washing machine, no dishwasher, no tumble dryer. I could have got the builders in to make changes but instead I decided upon a technological solution and bought a combined washer-dryer. […]

Drink a Pint and a Half of Water…

Since getting her recent genetic diagnosis, a positive FISH test for Williams Syndrome, it’s been a busy few months for myself and Linda. We’ve been to so many hospital appointments, catching up on all the tests and scans that a child would have had over the years but which Linda never received during her youth. […]

For you on Sunday!

I was up first this morning… Linda and Beth had declared their desire to have a restful morning so I let them lie in their beds as I came down and started to mooch around doing Sunday morning stuff. I’d settled down to check emails and updates on Facebook when I heard a voice at […]

Williams Syndrome Symptoms

If you’re searching for this information the chances are that you know someone who has, or may have Williams Syndrome. My sister was only diagnosed in her 40s. My parents struggled to understand what was happening with their child…  I hope most people are now diagnosed as children and have much better support from various […]

Yet Another Long Wash-Day

One of the new- fangled space saving devices we bought when we moved onto our new house was a combined washer-tumble dryer. There wasn’t space to fit two machines and this all-in-one machine seemed like a really practical solution but that was before we realised what it was like living with a Williams Syndrome adult. […]