For you on Sunday!

I was up first this morning…

Linda and Beth had declared their desire to have a restful morning so I let them lie in their beds as I came down and started to mooch around doing Sunday morning stuff.

I’d settled down to check emails and updates on Facebook when I heard a voice at the top of the stairs “Sister, where are you?”.

This is a common occurrance and, laptop on my knee I answered with “In the living room. Come and see!”.

I heard the uneven padding of her feet down the stairs. Linda very rarely takes stairs “normally”. It’s always one foot then two, one foot then two. I don’t know quite why this is but it’s normal for her.

Stockinged feet creep across the hallway and as the door opens Linda enters, grinning from cheek to cheek.

urine sample in sterile container“This is for you sister!”

And she presents me with a urine sample.

We’d visited the nurse two weeks ago to check if Linda had a urine infection – she didn’t – but the nurse gave us an extra sample container, just in case.

And today Linda decided to use it!

I have no idea why.

I have even less idea how as there is no evidence of her having used any larger container to collect the sample first.

Somethings in life are best left as mysteries!!