Piggy in the Middle

It’s been a tough weekend. I can’t say quite why but emotions have been high and tempers fraying. Linda, a Williams Syndrome adult, has been pushing at boundaries all round and collecting leaflets with a vengeance. I know this sounds trivial but believe me, pausing at every doorway to collect more paper gets to be […]

Sister, Will You Be Devastated?

Linda shows the typical paradox of many Williams Syndrome adults: she knows everyone and has friends on every corner and yet she has no one who really calls her friend. I’ve struggled with this and would love to see her develop a friendship, to want to visit or go visit with someone, to have a […]

Where Did I Go To?

I celebrated a birthday recently, not decimal nor particularly significant, it just marked the passing of another year. As it approached I received an email from a friend I’d not heard from for some time and she asked me all the usual “How are you? What’s been happening?” type of questions that you do when […]

Water to Stimulate Your Brain

Getting up is a staged process in our household. I pass Linda’s bedroom door on the way downstairs and give a knock before entering to wake her from sleep. She stirs and, given half a chance crawls back under the duvet – no chance – it’s time to get up. I make her a cup […]