Where Did I Go To?

Birthday CakeI celebrated a birthday recently, not decimal nor particularly significant, it just marked the passing of another year.

As it approached I received an email from a friend I’d not heard from for some time and she asked me all the usual “How are you? What’s been happening?” type of questions that you do when you’re catching up after a break… and I sat for an hour composing my reply.

Before I pressed “Send” I stopped to review my email – and it was then that it hit me.

This email to an old friend wasn’t about me, it was about Linda and the journey of learning to care for her over the last year.

There was our entry into Social Services systems, the exploration of day care activities, the struggle with genetic testing and the various symptoms and complications of Williams Syndrome.

As I re-read my email, where o where was I?

And I’m still not quite sure of the answer… I’m not saying I regret anything that I’ve done but my life has been put on hold, paused I hope rather than stopped!

So looking forward – what needs to happen to allow me to re-discover myself?

It’s a bit about getting enough of those systems in place to support Linda so that I can let go with less worry.

There’s also some of getting back in touch with what I actually want to do…

Maybe it could all start with a nice long soak in the bath, Amazon have all the inspiration I need: Pamper Yourself

Feel like you deserve some time out too – go on, You deserve a treat!