Water to Stimulate Your Brain

Getting up is a staged process in our household. I pass Linda’s bedroom door on the way downstairs and give a knock before entering to wake her from sleep. She stirs and, given half a chance crawls back under the duvet – no chance – it’s time to get up.

I make her a cup of tea and leave her for a further 10 minutes to get used to the idea of getting up… the extra liquid intake – that cup of tea – also has the effect of forcing Linda out of bed in search of the toilet!

Once in the bathroom she’s easily encouraged into the shower which is when the giggles start.

water from the shower headThis morning, as the water flowed she exclaimed “This is really good for you (and she paused as if to think). This water stimulates my brain!”

This is another example of the wonderful way with words that Linda shows as a Williams Syndrome adult – a love of language and a search for new ways of using it.

Maybe the water does stimulate her brain too!