Musical Easter

We’ve just celebrated Easter and Linda has, once more demonstrated the musical gifts that accompany Williams Syndrome.

Easter MusicAs part of the many church services there’s an abundance of new music – and Linda will not be left out. She can’t read music but can recall a tune pretty much after a single hearing.

When it comes to singing in parts, she can easily, effortlessly it seems, recall the harmony – and on the rare occasions her memory is less than perfect she seems to intuitively add in something that is itself very harmonious so it just adds to the richness of the piece.

It’s a joy to behold.

The words are something different.

Linda can read but often not quickly enough to accompany the singing. Of course, after a few hearings of a hymn or song she remembers the lyrics, word perfect so doesn’t need to read at all. During the learning phase though she has found her own solution. She lip reads.

She sits close to someone reading the words and watches their lips intently, no doubt also listening. She then sings the words a fraction of a second late, the delay barely audible. A couple of times through and she’s got it. Sorted! Words and harmony in perfect unison.

Singing with a Williams Syndrome adult. Not all of it is about disability!