What do YOU want to know about Williams Syndrome?

Hi there,

If you have found our site on Williams Syndrome then it’s likely you know someone who has WS (or WBS – Williams Beuren Syndrome) or you know someone who is caring for someone who has WS. Meg has put together an information booklet called “Williams Syndrome Answers”. If you’d like a free copy then please stop by our newsletter page; fill in your first name and email address and you’ll get your free copy in 2 shakes of a lamb’s tail AND get our free newsletter popping into your inbox every  couple of weeks. Did I mention both are free?

Meg is putting together a new special report with more of the knowledge that we’ve gained since caring for Linda, and she’d love to answer your burning questions, so that the report will be just what you are looking for. So if you’ve read “Williams Syndrome Answers” and have more questions, or if you know there are things you would like to ask or experiences you’d like to share with other parents/siblings/carers/educators, then please put your questions in the Form below.

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