Resolved Question: Christmas present for my sister…?


Lainey asks: ()

So basically we can’t think of a present to give my big sister. She is 22 and has williams syndrome. So she basically thinks like a 7 year old. Dont feel bad for me, shes really fun to be around and really sweet :] Anyways/ we cant think of a gift for her. She absolutely adores music!! any ideas on presents??

thanks!! 😀

All great ideas…but idk if she’d be able to work an ipod or mp3…i thinking more like toys that play music?? anything like that? thanks ^^

the instruments i might do ;] (she already has a keyboard she loves so i might get her something else :])


Professional Flirt:

How about a harmonica? I got one when I was 8, and had a lot of fun with it. A recorder (the woodwind type instrument) is also fun. There are probably some video tutorials available for both instruments that would be at her comprehension level.

Or, if you think she’d rather sing than play a battery operated microphone might be a fun alternative.


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You could get her a set of small instruments, like a trampoline, little guitar (maybe some lessons?), or a little keyboard. Or maybe some CDs and a CD player. Or you could always get her gift certificates to go to see something touristy or something.


If your sister has an iPod, get her an iTunes gift card. If not, then try to find some rare live stuff by her favorite bands.


Buy her music or an mp3 player.

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how about handbags or boots like that?