Studies On the genetics of Williams Syndrome

Research has came to the conclusion that Williams Syndrome is triggered by the lack of 25 genes around the seventh chromosome, which could have intense effects on physical, behavior or cognitive composition of a person. Scientists realize that the deletion of the genetic material happens throughout producing the sperm or egg but they don’t truly […]

Prenatal ‘Memory’ Ultrasounds are Trendy Yet Risky in Wrong Hands; Darlene Ginnett, RDMS, Pacific Coast Ultrasound, Urges Expectant Parents to Scrutinize Credentials

Los Alamitos, CA (PRWEB) March 30, 2007 Congratulations. You are having a baby. Now you can sit back and enjoy your nine months of pregnancy worry free. Right? “Wrong,” says Darlene Ginnett, RDMS, CEO of Pacific Coast Ultrasound, a Los-Alamitos, CA-based certified independent diagnostic facility that specializes in prenatal ultrasound offering full diagnostics as well […]