All Out of Money

Following the Buried Under Paper episode, I’ve just realised that I’m facing an even bigger crisis tomorrow. We give Linda enough money each week to buy her agreed newspapers and magazines, to pay for various classes or events and to buy a drink  and a snack as needed each day with a little left over […]

Incontinence Assessment

We’ve been aware that Linda seems to be thirsty, drinking plenty of liquids and also goes to the toilet frequently… so much so that we asked the GP to check her out for diabetes. That’s a quick dipstick test in a sample of urine – tricky to get the urine, simple to do the test! […]

Williams Syndrome and Maths exams

Did you enjoy taking your maths exams? Linda struggled at school, in most, if not all subjects so far as I can remember and particularly with “doing her sums”. When Linda moved in after Dad’s death we discussed what activities she was interested in and I was surprised when she said she’d like to improve […]