My Williams Syndrome Adult Can Count!

Linda, like many adults with Williams Syndrome struggled and still struggles with numbers. Yes she can count but does she understand what those numbers mean. Any reading of a list of symptoms for Williams Syndome include poor numeracy skills but what does this mean for real people? If she works really hard Linda can tell […]

How Can We Celebrate?

Since Monday things have calmed down. I don’t think for one moment that Linda has really learned the lesson. I expect that managing her food intake will probably get more difficult and I’ve no idea what will happen to her ability to tell lies with an innocent smile, but a line must be drawn. Now […]

A Worthy Prize for a Williams Syndrome Adult?

For most of her life, Linda has never handled money. As an adult with Williams Syndrome she was, typically, very poor with any numerical concepts. Counting up in ones was about the limit of her skills. When it came to money, every item in the world could be bought with a one pound coin or […]

Williams Syndrome and Maths exams

Did you enjoy taking your maths exams? Linda struggled at school, in most, if not all subjects so far as I can remember and particularly with “doing her sums”. When Linda moved in after Dad’s death we discussed what activities she was interested in and I was surprised when she said she’d like to improve […]