Williams Syndrome – What Do These Genes Do?

When you know someone who has, or might have Williams Syndrome, often your first reaction is to begin to search for information on the internet. If you’ve done this, you’ll no doubt have read that there are many possible symptoms. As a parent you’re often aware of the slow development of your child. You often […]

Williams Syndrome Deletion – Why?

If you’ve ever entered “Williams Syndrome” into an internet search engine you’ve probably also received an answer that describes it as a complex condition caused by a microdeletion of a small number of genes from one copy of Chromosome 7, but what does that mean? Williams Syndrome Genetics The many possible symptoms of Williams Syndrome […]

Williams Syndrome Symptoms

If you’re searching for this information the chances are that you know someone who has, or may have Williams Syndrome. My sister was only diagnosed in her 40s. My parents struggled to understand what was happening with their child…  I hope most people are now diagnosed as children and have much better support from various […]

Williams Syndrome – Genetic Condition – Chromosomal Deletion?!! What??

In a person affected by WS, somewhere along the line, possibly in the formation of the egg or the sperm cell or very early after conception, a random event deletes a small piece from one copy of chromosome 7. The size of the missing piece is slightly different in different people but it often contains 20 to 30 genes and the affected person then has only one copy of these genes rather than the normal two copies.