Williams Syndrome musicality will out!

I blogged previously about Linda’s lusting after a xylophone she saw while on holiday.

Knowing how much people with Williams Syndrome love music and musical instruments this didn’t surprise me.

Truth was, the said xylophone was well overpriced and Linda, spending her pocket money on other gifts never got close to buying the instrument. But the desire never faded.

On returning home she was searching for a multicolored xylophone. I’m not sure I really believe in the “Law of Attraction” stuff but, with Linda I see it in action on a daily basis. Within a week she had found a xylophone for less than a tenth of the price and purchased it immediately.

Now many things Linda acquires are soon set aside, as they are possessed they seem to be less attractive.

This xylophone is one exception to this general rule.

Friday evening came and Linda settled into her chair. As we were watching TV I heard the metallic chimes ring round the room.

As I listened, wondering whether to ask for silence (we were watching TV after all) I realised that she was playing the Ode to Joy anthem from Beethoven’s 9th Symphony. Williams Syndrome musicality at it’s best!

Now I can’t imagine many people in the world have that entertainment on a Friday night.

Playing Beethoven's 9th on a xylophone

What a privilege to share your world with a Williams Syndrome Adult!