What a Busy Birthday Month!

Birthday CakeAs you might have noticed, it’s been a while since my last post.

The delay was initially down to technical problems – my laptop experienced a power failure so when the battery finally ran down it was dead and not resuscitated ! All data safe thank goodness. By the time I was re-juiced, August had arrived and we were swamped with family birthdays.

August is always busy in our families but by coincidence, this year had lots of decimal dates well worth marking. That’s meant lots of travelling which has been a pleasure but really broken our routine.

As you might imagine it, Linda has loved every moment.

As every celebration is really about her (isn’t it always for any Williams child or adult?) she just hasn’t stopped smiling. Almost every photograph has Linda, mid-foreground, grinning, chin forward… It’s certainly not her most photogenic pose but it is so typical.She’s had many opportunities to sing and dance and party food a-plenty – the next best thing to heaven for a Williams Syndrome adult!

I can’t help but notice that she’s really improved her conversational abilities. She is learning how to listen and make a timely addition to the conversation rather than simply blurting out something on an unrelated topic. The typical cocktail party chatter is becoming a more substantial contribution to the conversation.

Has anyone else noticed? Not enough to warrant making a comment but I’ve noticed and it makes me so very proud of her. It’s tough when other people think this achievement is “so normal” that they fail to comment upon it… but that in itself is a great achievement for Linda.

Here’s hoping we have a few minutes to catch our breath and write about some of the recent events. Thanks for dropping by!