Today Linda Read a Story!

We are blessed that Linda can read. We know many adults with Williams Syndrome don’t have this skill. Linda does and knows how to use it. She reads avidly: newspapers, books, catalogues, leaflets… but never novels or fiction of any sort.

Over the years we have tried. Books of all descriptions for all ages, books with pictures, books of pictures, cartoon books… and not a flicker of interest in anything other that factual texts – oh, and joke books. Do other people with Williams Syndrome love to read joke books or is this a personal passion for Linda?

Today we were waiting to see a nurse and Linda did her usual tour of the waiting room tables looking for something to read.

I sat quietly as she returned with an A4-sized booklet entitled “Frances The Firefly”. It seemed to have about twelve pages, was beautifully illustrated and contained a good deal of text too.

And for 10 minutes Linda sat and read a story… to my knowledge, for the first time in her life.

Turns out it was child-friendly advertising for the Fire Service, the moral of the story being “Don’t play with matches!”

What an unexpected outcome from a visit to the nurse!