This is exactly to my specification!

People with Williams Syndrome are noted for their verbal skills. They often have a wide vocabulary but use those words in an unusual way. We saw a great example of this today.

Today was a special day. Linda was receiving her first ever pay check – as share in the profits of goods she’s made and sold in a craft shop over the last year. She was just so excited at the prospect!

When she came home this evening, proudly brandishing her brown envelope, we’d prepared a treat for her in the form of a special meal. The meal was topped with a small, 25cl bottle of Asti Spumante, her favourite alcoholic drink, sitting in it’s own small bucket of ice.

She was so pleased. We poured her a small glass of bubbles, she raised the glass in a toast with a grin a broad and beaming as you can possibly imagine.

“This is exactly to my specification!” she cheered!!!  and I couldn’t agree more.

It’s very rare that Linda drinks alcohol and I’m not exactly sure that she really likes Asti but she likes bubbles and she likes sugar so this scores reasonably well.

I guess, apart from – or is that in addition to – her characteristic turn of phrase, it’s great to see her celebrating this external recognition of her value as a worker.