The Weather Today Is Atrocious!

One of the things that strikes me – Linda was really late learning to talk – but once she’d learned how there was no stopping her! Linda will talk and will talk to anyone who will listen. She has conversations, tells her stories. She loves telling jokes but her sense of timing rarely does justice to the punchline!

View from windowAs she made her way downstairs this morning she passed the window at the end of the hallway, stared out on the world for a moment as is her wont. As the rain beat against the pane she exclaimed to nobody in particular “The weather today is atrocious.  It just doesn’t know what to do with itself!”.

And that’s another example of living with a Williams Syndrome adult. She loves an audience but don’t need one and her use of language, words, is sometimes surprisingly sophisticated given her other disabilities.

Unfortunately I fear the weather knew exactly what it was going to do all day long: it rained.