Nothing Less Than Perfect

Williams Syndrome, that cocktail party personality, sweet and friendly. People rarely tell you about the compulsive and persistent aspects of that story!

Linda is over 40 but in many ways delights in the same things as a 4yr old. For some time she’s been lusting after a bicycle… not possible due to her lack of balance and co-ordination. We’ve tried her with an adult tricycle on a couple of occasions but, funnily enough, it’s hard work pedalling and, combined with the fact that it’s not as “sexy” as the flash bicycle she fancies, tricycles just won’t do.

But whatPink Scooter about a scooter?

Linda’s never had a scooter. She looked in stores, she looked in magazines, she even surfed the internet on her iPad. This is where persistence and compulsive behaviour started to kick-in.
The thought of a scooter absorbed her whole life.

She became obsessed: See scooters at Amazon here. Linda particularly liked to sports scooters.

I didn’t know whether she would be able to use one so I stalled…

Then we saw a bargain. A clearance sale and there it was, a pink scooter. Yes, it was designed for a child but it would be good enough to see if it was more than a one minute wonder!

Much to our amazement, Linda loved the scooter. She took it very slowly. There was a lot to learn. Balance, propulsion, steering… and she was having fun.

What was even more surprising was that she actually used it on more than one occasion!

And then it all went wrong…

No, she didn’t fall and hurt herself, nothing that serious at all. Beth dropped the scooter and scuffed – yes, I said scuffed the pink foam handlebar.

The scooter still worked, the handlebars still worked. The only difference was that the scooter was now just less than perfect.

Linda now went into overdrive looking for a replacement. Her every waking moment for the last 48 hours has been directed towards persuading me to buy her a new scooter.

Now I’m happy to buy replacement foam grips but no, this scooter is soiled. It is now less than perfect.

In Linda’s own words “It’s ruined!”.

People, particularly adults with Williams Syndrome are known for some compulsive behaviours and for being stubborn.

All weekend I’ve been under that grindstone. A new scooter, a new scooter, a new scooter. Pester power.

To Linda logic doesn’t matter, reasonable doesn’t matter. Nothing less than perfect will do.

All attempts at negotiation are met with a blank.

Linda has now refused my offers to replace the handlebar grips.