Mine’s the… biggest!

Chocolate Easter EggsEaster’s close and there’s only one thing on Linda’s mind. Easter eggs!

For weeks now she has collected every magazine or leaflet with pictures of Easter-related goodies on it… and yes, that’s in addition to the usual leaflets about bargains, food, holidays, entertainment, football or TV programmes. We must have one of the largest recycling collections in the street! Thanks goodness that she hasn’t yet spotted the Easter treats at Amazon or I’d be sunk! They are so great at emergency deliveries too…

Again, I don’t know how typical this “wanting the biggest” thing is – is it a Williams Syndrome Symptom or just a persistent child thing – perhaps you can tell me.

As Linda surveys the choices of chocolate before her, there’s really only one option – and that’s the biggest.

Now don’t get me wrong. That doesn’t mean she’ll get the biggest but she desires it. And quite strangely, in all aspects related to food at least she can spot it, the biggest, a mile off!

This is such a contrast to the difficulties she has with general “either-or” choices in any other aspect of her life. She’s really not good with “more-less” distinctions and I’m not even sure that if I asked to point to the biggest portion that she would be able to do it.

However she can unfailingly choose it when permitted to do so!

Wonder what she’ll think of the Easter egg we’ve chosen for her… Bet it won’t live to see Easter Monday!