Listening to Music With Linda

Many of the symptoms of Williams Syndrome are well known to parents and carers: distractability, short attention span, ADHD-like symptoms.

We also know of their musicality, tendancy to sing, shout or squeal with delight, to jiggle and dance and twitch with life…

Well, in the words of the Porgy and Bess song, it ain’t neccesarily so!

Listening to Music With Linda

I snapped the above footage (illicitly) while at a concert. I was afraid Linda would wriggle, fidget, get bored… not a chance.

She was enthralled and sat transfixed throughout the performance until giving hearty whoops of joy at the end – which I hope the orchestra appreciated as great admiration for work done well.

What a pleasure!!

In case you’re interested, the music is available on Amazon Dvorak’s 9th “New World” Symphony – UK or Dvorak’s 9th “New World” Symphony – USA