We (Meg and Beth) care for Meg’s sister, Linda, since the death of their father when Linda was 42. Linda has Williams Syndrome which is a learning disability caused by changes in chromosome 7. We live in Wales – God’s own country – in the UK.

On this website we want to share our experiences of caring for and living with Linda. It has its frustrations and it’s great joys. One of the consistent themes with people with Williams Syndrome (WS) is their musical ability and Linda is no exception. We recorded Lynn singing the Welsh National Anthem at a rugby match a couple of years ago. And she enjoys the singing groiup that she goes to with Beth and her sister, as well as being a mainstay of the church choir!

In deciding to personally care for Linda in our own home, we found that their is very little information out there about WS adults for the lay person, and so we felt we might start it off. So bit by bit we are going to add information that we come across about the symptoms of Williams Syndrome; some of the health issues for WS adults; tips on how to manage and have fun with Williams Syndrome Adults and generally stories from our lives together.

Linda is now learning computer skills, so she may well add her own words from time to time too. Please feel free to comment on any of our musings and/or contact us via the form on the Contact Us page. We’ve changed our names slightly and are not showing pictures of us yet, to preserve Linda’s privacy. We hope you understand.

If you’d like to share your expriences, we’d love to hear from you – especially if you are a WS person yourself or like us are siblings or carers of a Williams Syndrome Adult.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Meg and Beth.